For three years running, we have proved ourselves to be the most successful snowsports club in the UK, winning every major competition in the university snowsports calendar last year and this year we intend to do the same. We are by no means an elitist club though, and our doors are open to anybody that would like to hit the slopes every week. We also pride ourselves on our team spirit and the manner in which racers and freetylers are part of the same supportive team. While competing and training is open to anyone in the club, we recommend that you join the training programme. You can even just ski recreationally. The joining fee is £70 on top of your membership but you will literally save hundreds of pounds and get the most out of Team EUSSC. This fee includes:


- 6 Hillend sessions (worth £90+) Starting Wednesday 21st september, 6pm, outside the informatics building on George Square.

- weekly subsidised training sessions around Scotland

- free competition entries (worth a lot!)

- free transport to all university competitions throughout the year

- Team EUSSC competitors T-shirt

- subsidised competitors meals

- the best way to get as much time skiing and snowboarding as possible!

- the opportunity to head out to the Alps with the team on BUSC Main Event for not only a great week's Easter in the snow but also the opportunity to earn money back from EUSSC through the competitors fund 


Performance Training- Our top performing athletes in the club benefit from a strength and conditioning program run by the university. This gives them access to high quality training and coaches to allow them to continue to compete at the highest level for the university.



Don't be put off by the thought or racing on just a dryslope for the first part of the year. Hillend is the longest and in places the steepest dryslope in Europe so if there's a place to do it, it's right here in Edinburgh.


We have some of the best racers in the UK who compete at national level but also many who have only just learned to ski. We offer introductions to the world of racing and the many disciplines involved. Get through your first gates and get that tucking technique sorted. Even for good skiers the technical side of racing can improve your style no-end!

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We run regular Freestyle training for skiers and snowboarders for all abilities, whether a complete beginner into the world of freestyle or a seasoned pro, we cater for anybody that wants to hit the slopes in a regular basis.


The first Wednesday sessions to Hillend and everybody’s favourite jump, “betty” give us hours of joy in the run up to SUDS (Scottish uni’s) and BUDS (British Uni’s) our two dryslope competitions. We are current reigning champions of BUDS which takes place at Hillend in Edinburgh Don’t fear though, competing in these competitions is not compulsory at all yet merely encouraged due to the fact that they are two of the best weekends of the year!


Also at the start of term we will be heading over to Glasgow to Bellahouston were we will have some coaching available to all. After SUDS and BUDS we continue the skiing every week at various slopes in Scotland, be it Glasgow’s Snow factor, Bearsden or up in the snowy highland mountains.


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There are several competitions throughout the year on dryslopes, at indoor snowdomes and of course the proper mountainside white stuff. 


SUDS- The Scottish University Dryslope Championships- A precursor to BUDS at Hillend run by SUSC Events in a super chilled and friendly atmosphere perfect for getting your first taste of a competition. Watch the 2014 highlights reel here.


BUDS- The British University Dryslope Championships- 1000 students from snowsports clubs around Britain descend on Edinburgh for a wild weekend of big competitions and even bigger parties. A mix of raw competitiveness and festival vibes, fully BUCS sanctioned events mingle with all-day music, drink and naked mudslides. 

Watch the 2014 highlights reel here.


BUiSC- The British University Indoor Series- Beginning with the Scottish qualifying round at Snow Factor in Glasgow and continuing to the national finals in Castleford, this is the first opportunity of the year to compete on snow, albeit in a snow dome.


BUSC Main Event (BUCS Alpine Championships)Along with BUDS, the challenge for the overall BUCS trophy comes down to this Easter week in the Alps. All the practice at the other competitions leads up to this where everyone finally proves themselves on the mountain. Be ready for first lifts and last orders in this exhaustingly brilliant week of competition.

Watch the 2015 highlight reel here.