Can I receive a discount on the base price if I already have a ski pass / book my own accomodation / only want events?

Unfortunately not. The base price comes as a complete unit, ensuring we can get the prices we do with the resort.


Is there is a discount if I book my own transport?

There is a reduction of £60 off the base price for organising your own transport for both legs. Note that there is no reduction for passengers choosing to travel in only one direction by coach; that empty seat still has to make its way across France in the other direction.


Which EUSSC membership do I need?

Edinburgh University students must buy Snowsports Club Full Year Membership prior to booking (£20). Non Edinburgh University students should buy Snowsports Club Non UoE Student Full Year Membership (£25). Both options are purchased through the EUSU website: https://www.eusu.ed.ac.uk/organisation/snowsports/


Do I have to be an Edinburgh University student to come on the trip?

No, anyone can come on the trip. Non-students sign on as normal, the only difference is they will need to purchase the £25 EUSSC club membership for non-UoE students (as opposed to the £20 for UoE students) on the EUSU website. On the booking form, they can then enter the email address associated with this membership in the place of an UoE student number.

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